June 30, 2016



Nagpal Restaurant Group Main Site

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NRG(Nagpal Restaurant Group) is the premier group in hospitality management. Starting out as a family business, it remains one today focused on boutique style, contemporary restaurants. Marrying technology, modern cooking techniques, and a unique management style- NRG has found success in it’s current flagship brand, Coriander- Modern Indian. Having been featured in the likes of The New York Times, Journal News, Scarsdale Inquirer, Westchester Magazine & Forbes Magazine, NRG continues to strive for success by focusing on bringing the distinctive tastes and cultures of South Asia to The U.S. Passion and inspiration are the true ingredients to every aspect of hospitality that NRG prides itself on, and will continue to do so globally.

The young but experienced founder of NRG is Shawn Nagpal. Currently the owner of the Coriander- Modern Indian brand, he has been driven to bring together the nuances of a family run business while balancing the competitive edge required to succeed. One of his earliest successes lies in the introduction of iPad menus, mobile payment software, and of course- high quality cuisine with exceptional service. Shawn’s biggest dream is to not only create a group of unique and delicious restaurants, but a group of well trained, and highly motivated people who share the same passion he does- hospitality. Shawn has also been featured by Forbes Under 30, 914 INC’s “Faces of Business” & Westchester Magazine’s Under 30.