It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

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I know I just upset a bunch of you Christmas fanatics by using that opening line…but the truth is, I love Fall!

My love for this season has no bounds apparently- as I start way too early.  I begin a countdown on my iPhone almost 3 months before the Autumnal Equinox, start researching Fall food trends, fashion trends, and everything else you can imagine.  This year, I can shamefully say I even went as far as to unlock the “Starbucks PSL Challenge.”  To explain, Starbucks dropped Twitter clues which revealed a phrase one could use at their local Starbucks to “unlock” the Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier than usual.  You can say I am a sucker for all things Autumn.  This love for the falling leaves, crisp air, and Halloween decorations reflects heavily in my business as well- during our switch over from our Spring/Summer Menu to our Harvest Menu.  Lucky you, eh?

So this year I chose to develop three themes in our Harvest Menu.  I wanted to illustrate that unmistakable feeling of warmth when you sip your tea or coffee on that first chilly autumn night.  Next, I wanted to highlight the earthy spice tones of this season.  From cinnamon, to cardamon, to clove, to of course- pumpkin!  Lastly, I chose to tie all of these together and go with subtlety.  The impact of these popular Fall flavors can sometimes be overwhelming, especially cinnamon and clove- so I decided to intricately weave these spices in between the already substantial spices of India.  I felt like the late Bob Ross, taking a blotch of dark paint on his beautifully illustrated canvas, and turning into the most “perfect little tree” or “happy little ocean.”

Fall represents truly to me, the time of the year a chef can truly turn into an artist.  The Harvest of all the specialty vegetables, and produce is just like handing a magician a rabbit trained to disappear into a hat.  It’s such a great time to break out all those ideas you’ve been storing in your mental cookbook.  I also threw in some Moroccan and Spanish influence with the use of molasses, sorghum, and even tortillas.  Yes, Coriander is trying out a home made, Indian spiced tortilla… That is the beauty of being a contemporary restaurant, you have every opportunity to explore, experiment, and excite every part of the menu.  Then when you add the fact that we use seasonal menus, how can you lose? That’s right- you can’t!  When a chef truly is passionate about the quality of the ingredients, and getting them at their peak, everything just meshes, and ultimately tastes that much better.

So, please enjoy our Harvest Menu 2014-15.  We are excited to have it available for you, along with our Bar List which also reflects inspirations of the season!  Here are some of my favorite new additions:

Click here for the Harvest 2014-15 Dinner MenuP.S. I have labeled everything and anything that is “Gluten Free” with a GF. 


Chicken Lasooni Tacos– garlic & tomato braised chicken, cilantro, pickled red onion, garam masala infused tortilla

Tomato Shrimp Shorba– vine ripened tomato, chopped shrimp, pepper, green chili soup

Autumn Salad– arugula, roasted fig, walnut, caramelized apple, crumbled paneer, cherry tomato


Spicy Mirchwala Alaskan Salmon– spicy red chili, green chili, saffron, garlic ginger marination. served with tri-color quinoa, & sweet potato puree.

Pumpkin Kofta Curry– vegetarian “meatballs”, red kuri pumpkin, tomato-onion curry

Chicken Tolicherry– braised chicken, coconut milk, red chili, smoked tamarind, red & black peppercorn south indian style

From the Bar

Samuel Adams Octoberfest 

Shipyard Pumpkin Ale

Harvest Apple ‘Tini– absolut vodka, apple cider, apple pucker, clove syrup

Happy Fall Everyone! Enjoy and as always- Good Eating!